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Vu Lan Festival 2022

What is Vu Lan?

“Vu Lan” Festival in Vietnam
As the lunar July is coming, many Vietnamese families start to make preparations for the Vu Lan festival (Ullambana), or “Ram Thang Bay”. It is also also known as the Amnesty of Unquiet Spirits. The diversity of the Vu Lan festival can be seen throughout the country with many different activities.

What is included in Vu Lan Festival at Lien Tam Monastery?

The event will feature a Vu Lan ceremony, a ceremony for a lay person to become a monastic (xuat gia, i.e. leaving home ceremony), a Vietnamese mini-market and a food court.

Invitation letter

For those interested in meditation, Buddhism, or Vietnam:

Dear all,

The Vu Lan (Vietnamese for Ullambana) season is at hand once more, sounding a bell of awakening in our hearts and reminding us to always bear in mind the kindness bestowed by our parents.
In this spirit of gratitude, Lien Tam Monastery in Turku, Finland, will hold the Vu Lan Festival of 2022 together with the ordination ceremony for the monk aspirant Dong Thinh (with the lay name Phan Thanh Su Truyen), who is a Vietnamese University student in Finland.
The ceremony will have the honor of being held in the presence of the Most Venerable Thich Nhu Dien, the spiritual director of numerous temples and monasteries belonging to the Germany-based Vien Giac organization; Venerable Thich Hanh An, Abbot of Vien Dung Monastery in Sweden; Venerable Thich Hanh Dinh, Abbot of the Vien Giac Monastery in Germany; and Venerable Thich Thong Giao from Denmark.
The program starts at 10 am on Saturday, 27 August, 2022.
The venue is Lien Tam Monastery, 225 Moisiontie, 20400 Turku, Finland.
We respectfully invite all those interested near and far to attend the Ullambana festivity in honor of the Three Jewels, parents and ancestors.

Venerable Thich Hanh Bao