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New Year "Tet"

New Year "Tet"

The New Year is celebrated from the first day of the Vietnamese lunar calendar, usually until the third day. The celebration usually takes place in late January or early February. This year is the year of the tiger, last time it was in 2010. The next year of Tet is celebrated on January 22, 2023, the year of the cat.

The zodiac signs are:

  • rat
  • buffalo
  • tiger
  • cat
  • dragon
  • snake
  • horse
  • goat
  • monkey
  • rooster
  • dog
  • pig

In the monasteries on the first day of Tet, the monks show gratitude and respect to their masters and  for the dharma. The New Year also includes New Year’s ceremonies and meditations. Five different sacrifices of fruit are placed on the altar.  "Banh Chung" sticky rice cakes and "mut" candied fruit are famous foods eaten during the New year. The purpose of Tet celebration is to express respect for the ancestors and to welcome the new beginning of the year. In homes, a bouquet of peach branches is part of the celebration. Peach trees represent happiness for the year, as well as bring the spirit of spring to households.

Tet (Vietnamese Tet Nguyên Dán) is one of Vietnam's most important festivities.  Tet Nguyên Dán is described as a combination of New Year’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving for Vietnamese culture. During the New Year, it is good to clear the mind and forgive others. By practicing meditation, conscious breathing, showing gratitude to those close to us, and forgiving, we can have our hearts purified so that the wonders of life may be present in us.

Everyone can look at the previous year; what has been understood, what more needs to be learned, how is it going to progress in the coming year in our practice and ability to live in a harmonious world.

sticky rice cakes
peach branches